Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Secret Truth About Why You Are Overweight Unveiled!

To experience quick weight loss and achieve good health, your colon needs to be detoxified, parasites need to be expelled, and your bowel movements need to be regulated. Your body is full of toxins from the air, the water and the food you eat and the body simply cannot filter them all. As time goes by, the impurities build up and stay in your intestinal tract which leads to a huge list of troubles. Weight gain is a big one (no pun intended)!

Here is an example of what parasites can do and how you can get them without even knowing it: Some time ago, the FDA reported that thousands of Milwaukee area residents were hit with a disease called cryptosporidiosis. It turned out that the cause of this outbreak was a parasite called Cryptosporidium. It had assaulted the city's drinking water. People became very sick with diarrhea and other intestinal symptoms and several died. Cryptosporidium is found in the feces of cattle and other animals. Health officials suspected the contamination of the water supply came from a high level of runoff into Lake Michigan from area dairy farms or slaughterhouses near the water plant's intake pipe.

If your water is not adequately filtered at the site, parasites can easily enter the water supply. Cryptosporidiosis is just one of several diseases caused by parasites, which are becoming all too common in the U.S. and other countries all over the world.

Fecal matter stuck in the crevices of your intestines will make you continue to gain weight. If you are lucky enough succeed with your diet, the weight WILL COME BACK. Your digestive system is your body’s toxic waste dump and if you don’t clean it out your system will get clogged up and you will just get fatter. It will also contribute to, or create an abundance of health problems.

Plaque (mucoid plaque) is attached to your intestinal walls and must be expelled from your colon in order to alleviate a number of problems. You can get parasites and infections like Candida. You may experience weight gain, fatigue, recurring headaches, skin problems, irritable bowel syndrome, colon cancer, and a host of other medical conditions. It has also been linked to diabetes, metabolic syndrome, fatty liver disease, heart disease and more!

The Top Secret Weight Loss Secret will show you the best way to break-up the plaque and fecal matter, pulling it off of the walls of your colon and flush it out of your system. You will also be able to maintain a clean colon with easy to follow steps that most people do not know about. Your system will be able to continually filter impurities and absorb the nutrients your body needs from the food you eat, instead of letting the parasites rob you of them. You will lose weight, keep it off, and more importantly, you will get healthier and have more energy!

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Start living again, loving your body, loving yourself, and accomplish the things you have dreamed about for so long!

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