Thursday, November 20, 2008

Weight Loss Secret That Can Change Your Life - Really!

There are many toxins, fumes and ingredients that we are unknowingly exposed to daily that are very harmful to our bodies that make us fat and keep us that way. Realize it or not, we are all casualties and perpetrators of ruining our health.

We are constantly putting harmful foods in our systems, such as fast food or processed food, lots of calories, lots of fat and lots of pesticides and other contaminants that we find in the food that is "good for us". We tend to make poor choices and find ourselves overweight and unhealthy. However, there is a way to turn that all around!

Where do we start? Cleansing and detoxifying the colon is a good beginning. Simply put, colon detoxification rids the colon of toxins that have built up in your colon. When it is flushed out, all of the wastes and toxins that are hanging out are washed away as well. Once this is accomplished, your colon can reheal and become healthy again. This can have a positive affect on your body in many ways and make you feel better overall.

Your body will be better prepared to protect itself from antibodies, weight gain, bacteria and disease.

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Monday, November 17, 2008

Welcome Dieting for Moms!

Are you tired? Overweight? Stressed out? You are not alone!

As moms, we are expected to be all, do all and help all, yet most of us don't take care of ourselves. We're too busy! A lot of us are overweight and a lot of us are - I hate to say it - obese. It's not our fault. In fact, there is no use in assigning blame.

We got where we are in life for many reasons: stress, hectic lives, taking care of others, eating food for comfort, over-indulging, slow metabolism, processed foods, etc. You know what I'm talking about. Suddenly, one day, we look in the mirror or at a photograph and wonder, "When did I get so fat?" I've done it, and I bet you have, too.

I will be bringing you valuable resources and information on this blog! Check back soon!